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Grahame Bartholomew Remembering Mead and Happy Sierra Days July 27, 2008
During the sixties, seventies and early eighties I spent every summer and fall in my beloved Sierra.  I have such pleasant memories of the hospitality of Mead and a visit to his post always warmed the heart.

I, too, am getting on in years, and it seems that every passing month brings sad news of the passing of those who shared my time on earth. For all of that, it is wonderful to be able to recall those who have added to our lives, as did Mead to mine, in his quiet and warm ways.
Rosanne and Tom Higley To Heather and George July 20, 2008
Sorry to be so long in writing to you--I feel like we've been grieving since we heard your dad was afflicted with this horrible disease that took his mind but not his spirit, and some but not all of his personality.  Heather, it was wonderful to see you in SLC last fall, to know Mead's elder daughter had become the caring, competent and capable young woman he was so proud of.  George, although we haven't seen you in ages, your mom keeps us up to date, and know your dad had lots to proud of in you, too.  Our hearts, care and love are with you as you struggle to stay in touch with your dad's strong guiding love.

We have so many wonderful memories of your dad:  cross country ski adventures, hikes and house-building being the strongest.  We have many memories that include you.  Heather, you spent quite a bit of time in a play pen while your dad built our home in Mono City.  Later, you would both come over to our house with your parents--and roam freely looking for the occasional doll or other plaything in our childless home.  How about the few days? weeks? you spent with us after the fire at your house.  We loved spending time at your home, too.  Although you  may not remember it, it was a great house, full of creative Mead-designs that made it so incredibly livable and comfortable.  Many happy people are living in great homes that he designed/redesigned!

Much love to you both.  Live your lives to their fullest and Mead's spirit will live on in you.  Rosanne and Tom

Judy Hargis A life well lived July 14, 2008

I am Mead's cousin and have memories going back to our childhood. I have many wonderful memories of  family gatherings in the mountains or at Grandma Mer's. Mead and I stayed in touch off and on over the years. He had mountain climbing in common with my brother Tom. Our correspondence was more about our lives and families. What I remember most about Mead was how much he loved his daughters, Heather and George. He was so proud of them both. He would write about their activities and lives, the things that they were involved in and you could easily sense what an important part of his life they were. He wrote me when his first grandchild was born and sent me a picture of this adorable baby sitting on his lap. He was so proud, excited and happy. He was looking forward to his new role as a grandpa and all that was ahead. Mead's life ended too soon but it was well lived and filled with love of family, the outdoors and adventures. I know that he will be greatly missed by family and friends. I will miss him. Even though our adult relationship was  mostly through correspondence, I will miss the connection.


Leigh A hero July 2, 2008

As a young interpreter in Yosemite back in the 70's, I was so in awe of Mead, I could hardly speak coherently in his presence. He was the epitome of Ranger-ness to me, and even more so because he was so kind and down-to-earth. All that he accomplished since those days has only made me admire him more. Perhaps his greatest accomplishment was raising a beautiful family. I hope there is consolation for those closest to him that he is free at last of the cruel illness that took him away. May you all find peace.

Patrick Sawyer A climber's friend June 30, 2008
I did not know Mead all that well, just from my time hanging out in Yosemite and Camp 4, but as a ranger he was tops, likewise he was tops at being a climber and human. Rest In Peace Mead and my condolences to family and friends. Patrick
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